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József körút
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98 m2
3 room
440,000 HUF/month
Spacious, bright, high ceilings, huge windows, well-furnished, beautiful civilian apartment with great transport links for rent! Although tram 4/6 stops at a distance of 20 m, nothing can be heard thanks to the soundproofed windows of the apartment. Within 50 m there is a tram stop (night service included), trolley 83, bus 9, 3 minutes walk from the M4 metro station. Countless shopping and entertainment options as you exit the house. Well-kept, well-kept house, specially cultured residential community. Mechanized, very spacious kitchen/dining room, bathroom with shower and bathtub, toilet in separate room. Minimum rental period: 1 year With two months' deposit and the first month's rent you can move immediately! A notarial removal declaration is required.
District VIII
Settlement Budapest
Type Brick apartment
Rooms 3
Separated rooms 3
Floor 1
Furniture Furnished
Heating Cirko system
View Street, bright
Orientation South-West
Parking Parking zone
Bathrooms 1
Bathroom / Toilet Separated
Common cost 23,000 HUF
Shower / Bathtub Both

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