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Alkotás utca
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114 m2
3 room
330,000 HUF/month
For rent is a 114 m2, 3-room apartment in Budapest in Alkot Street, near the Southern Railway Station, with windows facing Greguss Street. The property is for long-term rent, from September 1, primarily as an office, in an unfurnished condition.

The property is very well accessible by public transport and is located in a quiet area as the windows open onto the side street. The apartment is located on the second floor of a house with elevator, so it is easily accessible.

The rooms in the apartment open both separately and together, so different layouts are possible. The spacious kitchen also serves as a communal space, providing an ideal opportunity for collaboration between colleagues.

All three rooms are equipped with air conditioning, so they provide a comfortable temperature even in the summer heat.

Main features of the apartment for rent in Alkotás Street:

114 m2 floor area
3 rooms
Unfurnished condition
Ideal for an office
Long-term rent (from September 1)
Excellent public transport options
Quiet environment
House with elevator, the apartment is located on the 2nd floor
Windows facing the side street
Room connections that can be opened and closed
Spacious kitchen, can also be used as a communal space
Air conditioners in every room
If you are interested in the apartment for rent in Budapest in Alkot Street, please contact me at the contact details provided for more details and we can make an appointment to see the apartment.
District XII
Settlement Budapest
Sub-district Krisztinaváros
Type Brick apartment
Rooms 3
Common cost 26,000 HUF/month
Floor 2
Overhead cost 25,000 HUF/month
Furniture Empty
Condition Average
Elevator Yes
Heating Gas, convector
View Street, bright
Parking Parking zone
Air conditioned Yes
Shortest rental period 12 months

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