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Sólyom utca
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300 m2
4 room
788,000 HUF/month
Orbán hill for rent 800sqm plot area 300sqm house
It consists of a living room and 3 bedrooms, one of which is located in the basement room.
Heating is provided by circulating.
Long-term rent minimum one year, 2 months deposit 1 month rent, can be moved IMMEDIATELY.
Call with confidence, from morning till night, and DO NOT miss it, take a look at the rental property as soon as possible.

For our clients, mediation is free of charge.

If I can't answer the phone, I'll call you back!
District XII
Settlement Budapest
Sub-district Orbánhegy
Type Detached house
Rooms 4
Separated rooms 3
Overhead cost 60,000 HUF/month
Energiatanusítvány C
Furniture Furnished
Condition Renovated
Heating Cirko system
View Court, bright
Parking Free on street
Bathrooms 1
Bathroom / Toilet Connected
Shortest rental period 12 months

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